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Lease Alterations

  1. The owner is not contractually obligated to agree to your request to alter or change your current contractual agreement. If the owner does not agree to change or alter your agreement, you are obligated through the end of the lease term.
  2. The owner may demand amount to be paid not stated in your lease agreement as a condition for owners consent, in addition to any stated amounts cited in the lease agreement or addenda.
  3. You are responsible for marketing and finding your replacement.

Steps to a successful alteration or change to your lease:

  1. You must submit your request for a change to your contractual agreement in writing. Please state the reason you wish for the change.
  2. All residents under the current contract must sign the letter requesting the alteration/change to the current lease.
  3. $450.00 is due upon the submission of your request. No exceptions.
  4. The application of the new incoming resident must be filled out diligently and be submitted with a $25 application fee. The application must have the guarantor page completed and signed be the guarantor. The guarantor’s information must be filled out thoroughly.
  5. Upon approval of the new applicant, a lease signing appointment will be scheduled with the new intended residents.
  6. Until all parties, including the owner or owner’s representative, have signed the new lease and any applicable addenda the existing lease shall remain in effect.
  7. With regard to the handling of the security deposit, there is a special security deposit-handling addendum. The addendum needs to be signed by all outgoing and incoming residents. It is important that you read the addendum carefully as it relates to the condition of the apartment at the time the preceding tenancy took occupancy. The incoming residents must accept the condition stated in the preceding tenancy condition checklist, and will be responsible for all damages at the end of the new tenancy.

Lease Alteration Form