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Application Process & FAQs

STEP 1: Fill out an Application

You have multiple avenues to submitting an application to rent, which include:

    a. Complete an online application, through the “Availabilities” section on our website.
    b. Print out an application from our website (found in the “Resources” section) and bring the completed application into our rental office.
    c. Visit our rental office where we can provide you with a paper application and assist you with the process.

The processing fee for an application is $25 and it is non-refundable. If your income does not meet the minimum requirements (at least 2-3 times the monthly rent) then you will need to include a completed guarantor form and additional documentation with your application.
*Important Note: We highly encourage all prospective tenants to submit their applications online as it significantly decreases processing times and ensures that you have a more complete application.

STEP 2: Approval Process

The approval process can take 3-10 business days. The length of time needed to process your application depends on how quickly we receive the information from you and your guarantor (if applicable). We will contact your rental references as well as your guarantor to verify the information provided; it is recommended you notify all parties involved so that contact can be made efficiently. Once all documents and information are gathered, we will notify you via email whether you have been approved.

STEP 3: Select a Unit

Upon your approval, you and your roommates will select a specific unit from our availability list. The units available to you will depend upon your projected move in date and personal preferences. Once you have made your selection, you must call or email us to schedule a lease-signing appointment. The selected unit will be held for you until your lease signing date. We highly encourage that all approved applicants are available for the lease signing appointment. We will confirm your appointment by sending you an email with a sample rental agreement, the date and time of the lease signing, as well as the amount of the security deposit. To prepare for your appointment, please read over the sample lease and note any questions you may have.

STEP 4: Sign a Lease

When arriving to your lease signing appointment, please have your security deposit check, in the form of a single cashier’s check or money order, and a valid photo ID. Lease signings are typically 25-55 minutes and include a brief tour of some of the complex’s amenities. A scanned copy of your executed rental agreement will be e-mailed to you at the end of appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can I pay the security deposit to hold a unit?

A. No. Approved applications and scheduled lease signings are required to “hold” any units.

Q. Can I apply if I am an international student?

A. Yes! International students are welcome to apply.

Q. What if a potential roommate doesn’t get accepted?

A. We will inform the person or group of this matter, and then provide you with a list of options to move forward with the application process.

Q. Do you offer roommate matching?

A. Unfortunately we do not but UCSB offers services to help with that.

Q. Do you allow Subleasing?

A. No. There is an option to add someone to a signed lease. Please see Manager to review our “Lease Alteration” form.

Q. What terms do you offer?

A. We offer 12-month leases starting in June, July August or September.

Q. Does my Guarantor/Parent need to be at my lease signing?

A. While they are always welcomed to sit in on the lease signing, it is not required.

Q. May I view a unit?

A. Yes, if there is a vacancy or we can obtain permission from the current tenant. There will be periodic scheduling of showings throughout the marketing season. Please provide the management office with your contact information so that we can alert you as to when the showings will take place. We do offer photos and floor plans for you to view under the Properties tab on our website.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. No*, we do not allow pets. *If you are seeking permission to have a service animal or emotional support animal (with proper documentation and meeting verification requirements), please contact the rental office.

Q. How much will I need to pay in “up-front” costs when I sign the lease?

A. The security deposit must be paid in full at the lease signing and this amount is equal to one-months rent, plus $500.00 (not per person) and held until you move out and we reconcile your tenancy. The rent is not due when you sign the lease. Rent is due on or before the date your lease starts.

Q. What is a Guarantor and why do I need one?

A. We require that all applicants (including International Students) that do not meet our income requirements include a Guarantor Form, filled out by a qualified person over the age of 18 with the rental application. This will confirm that someone whom you know has the financial stability to guarantee your performance and execution of the lease terms. All legal notices served to residents for lease violations will be sent to your guarantor.